1. Draw attention to World Cities Day and its theme, highlight the challenges and issues around Innovative Governance, Open Cities, especially with regard to your own city.
  2. Raise awareness through mass and social media: press articles, radio and television, newspapers, exhibitions, etc. Organize press conferences and broadcast video and audio spots. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and other social media platforms engaging policy makers, government officials, academics, other professional and community representatives. Urban October provides a Social Media Kit available on
  3. Organize fundraising, recreation or entertainment activities like sports or cultural events to make visible the innovations and inventions of your city.
  4. Organize high-level meetings and discussions with national, regional and local governments on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.
  5. Promote #CitiesDay #UrbanOctober and #NewUrbanAgenda on your posts and tweets.
  6. Register your planned activity at
  7. Take part in the Urban October activities and attend the ninth session of the World Urban Forum (WUF9) in Kuala Lumpur, in February 2018.