With the aim to commemorate the Urban October, as well as the first year of the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, UN-Habitat will create a virtual collage using social media with a daily publication of a project showcasing how the New Urban Agenda is being put into action on the ground. The collage will be based on the Visual Identity of the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda. This Visual Identity employs a “Square” to represent where the New Urban Agenda is taking action that could be a symbolic public area where the values of the New Urban Agenda are alive.

In the period from 2 to 31 October 2017, each day UN-Habitat will create this “Square” by customizing it with a theme or symbolic aspect of a UN-Habitat’s project with a brief description. A total of 30 days of “Squares” will create a full collage to showcase impacts of the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.

Inviting others to be part of the Urban October collage

Governments at all levels, intergovernmental organizations, stakeholders and citizens will be also invited to create its own logo on how they are implementing the New Urban Agenda. Now is the time for identifying and acting on priorities for each urban environment. Sustainable urbanization is not a unique model. Reaching sustainable urbanization is an open process for implementing a set of well-addressed actions by a wide range of urban actors, which differs according to each context.

The Visual Identity conveys meanings through colour, shape, size, and other symbolic graphic elements. As such, the New Urban Agenda branding has been developed to be as diverse, participatory, and inclusive as the process that it represents.

How to do it

You are invited to customize your own “Implementing the New Urban Agenda” logo within the framework of the New Urban Agenda Visual Identity. In other words, you may decide what is happening in your New Urban Agenda Square.

You may download the DIY Kit and design a New Urban Agenda logo that is aligned with your corporate guidelines and your work in implementing the New Urban Agenda at www. urbanoctober.org